FISU ITC delighted with eight Rhine-Ruhr 2025 venues

‘The inspected sites met all the requirements and will provide a fitting setting for the Games in such an urban region’

Donatella Sacchi, FISU Techinical Committee Chair – Artistic Gymnastics (centre) with her team and members of Rhine-Ruhr 2025 Local Organising Committee at the PSD Bank Dome, Düsseldorf.

Düsseldorf | 28 October 2022: At the back of 1000-days-to-go to Rhine-Ruhr 2025 FISU World University Games, the FISU International Technical Committee (ITC) visit got underway in full swing with multiple sport venue inspections.

In all, facilities at eight sport venues were reviewed across four of the five host cities, over two weeks.

The FISU delegation comprised multiple Technical Committee Chair (TCC), including Donatella Sacchi (Artistic Gymnastics), Robert Rieblinger (3×3 Basketball), Matt Draper (Rowing), Nikos Vasileiou (Water Polo), Josef Zellweger (Rhythmic Gymnastics), Ulf Ohrman (Basketball), Kosta Iliev (Basketball), Nao Kawatei (Tennis) and Mario Ferro (Beach Volleyball).

“Following the TCC site visit, it is safe to say that the Rhine-Ruhr 2025 are in good hands and the Rhine-Ruhr area and Local Organising Committee will surely provide outstanding FISU Games in 2025,” said Rieblinger after visiting the 3×3 Basketball venue Arena-Park and the Indoor Training Venue Sporthalle Lichtenbroich in Düsseldorf.

“It was especially exciting to see such a young and energetic team working on a project of such magnitude. The inspected sites met all the requirements and will provide a fitting setting for the FISU Games in such urban area.

“The presented plans of the Local Organising Committee showed a deep understanding of delivering a top-level international multi-sport event with a concept emphasising sustainability and diversity and at the same time providing a unique and exciting experience for athletes and fans,” added Rieblinger.

Kawatei, FISU TCC for Tennis, also hailed the venue ETUF in Essen as the perfect set-up for the players from the world to perform in 2025.

“I have seen ETUF and it is a very historical tennis and sports club. I’m very impressed with the facilities. Now the renovation is going on and I’m sure everything would be ready in 2025.

“The atmosphere at this venue is going to be fantastic and athletes from all over the world will be very happy to play here in the FISU World University Games.

“I would like to thank all people from Essen and ETUF along with the German Tennis Federation and the Local Organising Committee for the effort they are putting in. I’m expecting a successful event in 2025,” said Kawatei.

Draper, FISU TCC for Rowing said, “We in FISU were very happy to return to the famous Duisburg Regatta course – and be able to see first-hand the renovations already done by local authorities and to review the plans they have looking ahead in preparation of Rhine-Ruhr2025. It’s clear the City and the Local Organising Committee have a great vision for the venue and the event. It’s going to be exciting! 

“Preparations are already well on the way – and we look forward to returning again soon as we get further into the final details.”

Rhine-Ruhr 2025 CEO Stefan Kürten was delighted with the positive feedback received by the visiting FISU ITC and felt it would lift the confidence of the entire team.

“We have been preparing for the numerous venue visits for a while now and we are glad that most of the venues have met the guidelines or superseded the expectations of FISU. It has also helped us understand where we need to put up our acts together and step up our game. From now on, it is about channelising our energy to fine tune the requirements, as per the recommendations of the FISU TCC,” said Kürten.

“We would like to thank FISU´s entire team for the valuable time they have put into detailing during these visits. We will continue to bolster this joint effort towards the successful hosting of the Games in 2025,” he added.

Though the technical visit ended with the inspection of Beach Volleyball venue in Düsseldorf, the final round of visit is scheduled for mid-November. Athletics venue in Bochum, Archery, Swimming and Table Tennis in Düsseldorf, and Fencing, Judo and Taekwondo in Essen will undergo review.