9 August 2023 – Chengdu

From Chengdu to Rhine-Ruhr

As the curtains close on the Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games, the city resonates with stories of triumph, determination, friendship, and dreams coming true. Athletes from all corners of the world converged in Chengdu this summer, each bearing a tale of ambition, unified by youthful passion and the spirit of sportsmanship. Yet, as one chapter concludes, another begins to unfurl. The baton now journeys to Rhine-Ruhr, Germany, a region passionately connected by fire and water.

The Rhine-Ruhr 2025 FISU World University Games set the stage for exceptional sporting competitions, unforgettable cultural experiences, scientific exchange and international networking. More than 10,000 athletes and officials from over 150 countries are expected to compete in 18 sports. The Games beckon as a sustainable and super-connected spectacle that celebrates passions for sport, science, and culture.

A Journey of Dreams and Youth Continues 

As we reminisce about the iconic moments of the FISU Games 2021, the city of Chengdu is now excited to pass on its spirit and establish a direct connection to the FISU Games in the Rhine-Ruhr region in Germany. Here we cordially invite you to an online celebration! Your journey to the Rhine-Ruhr 2025 FISU Games begins right now. From now on until 10:00 a.m. (Central China Time) on 18 August, 2023 visit the official website of the Chengdu 2021 FISU Games to join in the festivities. Participate in the Quiz and answer amusing questions about the FISU Games in Chengdu and Rhine-Ruhr to have a chance to win Rhine-Ruhr 2025 mystery bags and round-trip plane tickets from Chengdu to Düsseldorf to attend the event in July 2025.

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Have fun and enjoy the quiz! We look forward to seeing you in July 2025!