1 May 2023 – Düsseldorf

Management team complete

It has been known for almost two years: the FISU World University Games will come to Germany in 2025. But only now, after an intensive restructuring phase, are things really taking off in the Grafenberg district of Düsseldorf. That's where the team of the organising committee (OC) is working, giving the world's biggest multi-sport event of 2025 a face and filling the concept with life. A massive task. But the new management team is tackling it with special commitment and even greater enthusiasm.

The team is led by CEO Niklas Börger. Actually, he was supposed to manage the project on the side of the State Chancellery of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (as, for example, DieFinals, EuroBasket 22, UEFA EURO 24), but since December 2022 he has been completely responsible for the Rhine-Ruhr 2025 FISU World University Games. No problem for the Münster native, who as a long-time project manager at the Regionalverband Ruhr developed the Ruhr Games and made them into a highly regarded and unique event for sports and youth culture.

In addition to sport and youth culture, urban lifestyle and classic advertising are also among the focal points of the Chief Communications Officer, Markus König. For many years, he has developed and managed branding and communication for international brands as well as major cultural and sporting events. With his team, the event design was developed in the past weeks and presented to the public in April.

Like Markus König, Sina Diekmann is also part of the OC management team. Sina is right in the middle of the sport, as a DFB referee at the top matches in international and national women's football. In Düsseldorf, the 34-year-old acts as Chief Sports Officer and maintains contact with the various participating associations.

Lisette van der Plas enriches the team with her experience from the 2014 Olympics and EXPO 2000, among others. The Dutch national has held leading positions in event management, catering and the hotel industry for many years. As Chief Operations Manager, she now has a wide range of responsibilities.

The management team is completed by US American, Charles Law. The Chief Technology Officer is a specialist for international top events and was recently involved in the very successful European Championships (EC). In Munich, he was also responsible for the IT and technology departments.

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