13 November 2023 – Düsseldorf

Start of awareness campaign "UNI-WER-WAS??"

With 20 months to go before the FISU World University Games Summer kicks off, the Rhine-Ruhr 2025 organising committee is launching a regional awareness campaign on Monday, 13 November, in the five host cities of Bochum, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Essen and Mülheim an der Ruhr.

Under the motto "UNI-WER-WAS??" (an original quote in German which is equivalent to "Uni-Who-What??" in English) – the FISU World University Games Summer, which will take place from 16 to 27 July 2025, will be promoted to create an unforgettable experience for athletes, visitors and participants. In addition to a digital campaign in the form of social media advertising, there will also be outdoor advertising in the five host cities. The FISU World University Games have been held every two years since 1959, with summer and winter editions. The multi-sport event was known as the Universiade until mid-2020, when the Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire (FISU) decided to rename it as the World University Games.

The campaign slogan "UNI-WER-WAS??" refers to a television programme from 1989 (in German). At that time, the Universiade had already taken place in Duisburg and initially had to cope with a lack of publicity. In a street survey, a passer-by gave the answer that now serves as the hook for the Rhine-Ruhr 2025 campaign: "UNI-WER-WAS??". The Duisburg event went on to become a huge success, with almost 2,000 athletes celebrating a large party with the local community - something that is to be repeated at the FISU World University Games Summer 2025. Despite the success in 1989 and the international profile of the event, there is still some room for raising awareness in Germany - and that is about to change.

In 2025, around 10,000 athletes and officials from 170 countries will create an unforgettable spectacle in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia. The FISU World University Games Summer is the world's largest multi-sport event after the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In 2025, it will be the largest multi-sport event in the world. Athletes will compete in 18 sports and the event will be framed by cultural events, concerts and a four-day academic conference.

Prominent personalities from the worlds of sport and politics give their views on the FISU World University Games as part of the "UNI-WER-WAS??" campaign

Hendrik Wüst

(MdL, Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia)

"Top-class sport that is at international world class standard? We can do that in North Rhine-Westphalia! The FISU World University Games 2025 will bring together sport at the highest level and great social interaction - our number one sports region has the perfect infrastructure and a passionate audience. I'm looking forward to it!"

Antonia Kinzel

(Gold medallist at the 2023 FISU World University Games in Chengdu (discus))

"The FISU World University Games this year totally fascinated me. That's why I definitely want to be there in 2025. An absolute highlight."

Mats Hummels

(Professional footballer at Borussia Dortmund, German national player)

"18 sports in five cities at the highest international level and right here on our doorstep in the Rhine-Ruhr region. I'm really looking forward to the World University Games. It's going to be a great event."

Max Hartung

(European champion and team world champion in fencing and founding president of Athleten Deutschland e.V.)

"Competing in front of friends and family is simply something very special. In 2025, the FISU World University Games will be a huge multi-sport event in our own country. It's going to be great."