9 January 2024 – Düsseldorf

Torch design: How it looked in the past

The Flame Relay is an integral part of the FISU World University Games. The event in the Rhine-Ruhr region in 2025 will also feature a Flame Relay. At the end of November, the Organising Committee announced the start of the Torch Design Competition, which is opened to lecturers, researchers, and students from all disciplines at universities in Germany. But what did a torch look like at previous editions of the FISU World University Games?

"Rong Huo" - the torch in Chengdu

"Rong Huo" was the name of the torch that accompanied the FISU Games on their way to Chengdu in July 2023. The torch was drawn in four colours to represent the "sustainable, smart, spirited and shared" spirit of the Games. It also featured a giant panda, which is native to Chengdu. At the top of the torch was the Chengdu‘s city logo and the symbol of Chinese cultural heritage, the Golden Sun Bird.


Focus on sustainability in Lake Placid

In January 2023, the FISU World University Games Winter in Lake Placid, USA, had a strong focus on sustainability. This was also reflected in the design of the torch, which for the first time did not have a real flame. Instead, LED lights in the torch produced a bright light for the FISU flame, which turned to be completely carbon-free. In addition, the flame cauldron was also fully equipped with LED lights, so that the sustainability aspect could be maintained in this regard as well.


Water Run instead of Flame Relay

The organisers of the planned FISU World University Games Winter in Lucerne had come up with a special concept. Instead of the traditional Flame Relay, a Water Run was created, as water was to be an important element of the Games. However, the 2021 edition had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. For the planned Water Run, ice cubes in a container had been melted into water using fire. Water was to be collected at each station along the course of the Water Run.

The lighting of the flame at the FISU World University Games Summer 2019 in Naples. ©FISU

The Torch for Rhine-Ruhr 2025

The aim for Rhine-Ruhr 2025 is to create a torch that is not only sustainable and technologically innovative, but also reflects the rich culture and tradition of the Rhine-Ruhr region.

Furthermore, the organising committee aims to highlight the connection between water and fire which represent the region. The five host cities are located on the Rhine and Ruhr rivers and are also world famous for their industrial heritage with underground mines, blast furnaces and the steel industry.

Take part in the Torch Design Competition

The Rhine-Ruhr 2025 Torch Design Competition is still open for a few weeks: The deadline for expressing the intention to participation is 31 January 2024, and the deadline for submitting the design is 31 March 2024. The winning team of the Torch Design Competition will receive ten tickets to the Opening Ceremony of the Rhine-Ruhr 2025 FISU World University Games, where the torch will light the official flame. They will also receive a surprise package from the official merchandise shop and an original torch from the pre-Games flame relay. More information about the competition and the detailed rules can be found here.

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